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5 Tips To Keep Your Skin Hydrated and Not Oily During the Heat

If your skin is oily, you might have been battling with finding the proper skin care regimen. During summer, your search for the right facial treatment routine can be more tasking. These five essential tips can make your skin remain hydrated and not only oily when the summer temperature increases.

1. Utilize Vitamin C Serum

Begin your regimen every morning by applying vitamin c Serum. Utilizing vitamin C for oily skin is a more beneficial approach to prevent skin dryness, especially when the weather is hot. Your skin does not feel oily because vitamin C is lightweight with no extra creams added.

2. Moisturize specific spots.

Another approach to keep hydrated without getting oily is to moisturize specific spots. Applying hydrating eye cream around the eye region or lip area instead of doing heavy moisturization on the entire body is perfect.

3. Use Hydrating Spray

Most individuals with oily skin have got result with hydrating sprays. A spray permits you to manage and control the hydration level you need without reapplying when the heat becomes too extreme and without getting oily.

4. Go for the Right Sunscreen

Individuals with oily skin must be meticulous about the sunscreen types they use. Most products would leave oily particles on your skin. Speak to your dermatologist to obtain the specific recommendations about quality products that protect without weight.

5. Drink a lot of water

In conclusion, do not forget to drink a lot of water during the summer months. If your body is well hydrated, you are not far from achieving a glowing and hydrated skin with no oil.

If you need assistance on a step by step skin treatment regimen for oily skin, check out the Derma Roller System Skin Care for consultation.

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