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Common summer skin problems and what you can do

While getting ready for the summer, you need to remember that the summer is not just about the right wardrobe or the right body. If you want to actually be summer ready and enjoy the season with the best version of yourself, having a summer skin care routine is important too. The heat and the sun can require some extra protection and cause some problems that tend to stay away the rest of the year. Here are some common summer skin problems and how you can avoid them;

  1. Acne

Acne is one of the most common summer problems for almost all skin types. The sweat paired with the heat make even the most non acne-prone skin types breakout. That gets intensified when you put on even the lightest layer of makeup which gets mixed up with the sweat and clogs the pores. The key with avoiding acne is cleaning your face whenever possible. As soon as you get home, wash off the sunscreen and makeup and make sure to use an extra heavy-duty cleanser like micellar water after exfoliation as well.

  • Irritated Skin

Whether you’re out in the scorching heat, getting your skin dehyfrated in the air conditioner or exposed to chemicals and bacteria in the pool, there are countless ways your skin and get irritated. Another big problem is that owing to all the sweating and oil on the skin, we tend to forget all about moisturizing. All these things combined can irritate your skin. The best product for irritation is the DermaC+ anti-aging serum. This serum not only moisturizes your skin from within, the antioxidants and the vitamin C prevent your skin from sun damage and actually reduce the sun damage on the skin.

  • Heat Rash

Whether you have skin that is really sensitive or not, getting a heat rash is pretty common during the summer. From red skin to tiny red bumps, a heat rash can be painful and can aggravate your skin problems. In order to avoid heat rashes, avoid cooling products like moisturizers with aloe vera to soothe the skin. Also make sure to stay hydrated and use a really strong sunscreen in order to avoid sun damage.

  • Sunburn

The heat in the summer can give even the least sensitive skin a sunburn. Whether it is the face or the body, a sunburn can be painful and can spoil your complexion. Using a high SPF sunscreen is crucial to avoid sunburns. Using the DermaC+ anti-aging serum is also great for sunburns since vitamin C improves damaged skin. Staying covered and indoors is also great for avoiding sunburns.

  • Dark circles and dark spots

Summer heat and UV rays can intensely affect the most delicate parts of the skin the most. Because of this, it is much easier to get dark circles that are stubborn and won’t budge, dark spots from the sun and even dry chapped lips. The most important thing for all this is to hydrate yourself and it will show up on the skin. Use products that soothe the skin and the under eye area in order to reduce dark circles. Vitamin C is also great for reducing dark spots which is why the DermaC+ anti-aging serum is highly effective for improving skin appearance. Make sure to use a lip balm as well to keep the lips moisturized, a balm with SPF will keep the lips safe from discoloration as well.

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Avoiding post-workout acne

The truth about exercising is that it isn’t just good for the body or for health, its also great for the skin. Working out increases the flow of blood and oxygen to your face resulting in a really nice glow and consistent exercise can show its benefits on the skin in the form of better texture and complexion. For many of us, the glowing complexion and the smoother texture don’t really seem to matter because of post-workout acne. Not everyone experiences breakouts because of exercise, but those of us that do know how stubborn and annoying these breakouts can be and exactly how they can discourage you from working out. Here are some ways in which you can avoid post-workout acne even when you’re drenched in sweat;

Make sure your face is clean!

All the sweat during exercise comes with a lot of bacteria that tend to mix in with makeup or any residue on the face and clog your pores making you break out. Make sure your face is completely clean before you workout so your pore can properly sweat without anything preventing the pores from breaking free

Keep the hands away!

Whether you’re using weights or doing some push-ups, your hands are bound to come in contact with something and get dirt or bacteria on them. When you touch dirty hands on the face that’s already sweaty, you can easily break out.

Wash the face

A trick that works for many people is washing the face right after exercise. By doing this you are not allowing any bacteria to remain on the face for long and actually cause breakouts by penetrating the pores. This will also help your face cool down and get rid of all the heat.

Keep the face free!

When youre working out and completely in the zone, you dont really notice is your dirty headband is getting on your forehead or if your hair is getting on your face. Keeping the face free from any irritants is crucial to avoid breakouts.

Use the right moisturizer

When a regular exercise routine you have to alter your skin care regimen as well. Considering that through sweating your pores tend to absorb more and be open, the right thing to do is to use light and gentle (preferably gel based) moisturizers, that wont clog the pores and wont make you break out. The DermaC+ anti-aging serum is one such moisturizer that also comes with the added bang of vitamin C which is fantastic for preventing acne thanks to the amount of anti-oxidants present in it.


Exfoliation helps you make sure none of the dirt or bacteria is left on your skin and cleans it for good. Often times dead skin can also clog the pores which is why exfoliation is key when you’re working out.

Stay Cool!

Exercising in the winter can actually be fun since you’re more energetic and probably more hydrated but the summers can bring a lot of problems. When working out, you need to stay cool in the summer. This will not only make your face cooler while working out, it will also prevent acne by reducing build-up while you exercise.

No matter what you do, the best approach with acne is always one that is proactive. The Derma Roller System comes with a wide range of products that cater to all your skin needs and prevent problems from arising in the first place for the best version of your skin.

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3 Products That Can Make Your Skin Forever Grateful This Summer

Summer is fast approaching, and you can make your skin glow throughout summer and beyond if you tweak your skin treatment regimen with specific vitamins and serums for the summer months. Aside from utilizing conventional cleansers, moisturizers, and other regimen products, there are some different formulas you need to add to replenish your skin. These top three products can make your skin glow this summer.

1. Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C Serum

You cannot be wrong, combining hyaluronic acid and vitamin C serum to achieve incredible summer skin. This product remains of the best tools to eliminate skin dryness. It locks the moisture in your skin and also facilitates the promotion of cell repair from free radicals and sun damage. Use the formula once every day in the morning and at night to get the best result.

2. Hydrating Spray

The hydrating spray may be the last product you will need to improve your skin outlook during the summer months. While there is too much discussion on keeping your body hydrated, little is being said about keeping your skin richly hydrated. Apply hydrating spray to your skin after drinking a lot of water. This will help you meet up with the summer weather requirements.

Summer is a period to evaluate your skin care regimen and find possible ways to enhance it. Experts at Derman Roller System can assist you in accessing more product ideas to provide your summer face with more glow.

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5 Reasons You Need To Incorporate Hyaluronic Acid Into Your Summer Beauty Routine

Hyaluronic acid is one of the most incredible products that can make your skin look younger and bright throughout the summer month. This potent ingredient is a powerful substance that keeps your skin aglow as you grow old. During summer, it is even essential to use a lot of products that are beneficial to your skin. These five tips will help you utilize hyaluronic acid to a more significant advantage for your summer skin treatment regimen.

1. Protects Against UV Rays

A genuine reason to utilize this substance is that it combats the UV rays emanating from the sun. Your skin derives daily protection against the summer sun as you apply hyaluronic acid. It also prevents UV rays from causing skin aging or sun spots development.

2. Keeps Skin Moisturized and Clear

DermaC+ Anti-aging Serum assists in keeping your skin moisturized and supple. Also, many people have utilized hyaluronic acid to treat acne.

3. Makes Your Skin More Elastic

The substance has been discovered to make your skin very elastic. The harsh weather during summer can create marks on your look. Using hyaluronic acid will boost your skin and makes it come alive.

4. Helps Smooth out Wrinkles

Hyaluronic acid has been found out to fight skin wrinkles. Do you want to make your skin look younger during the summer? Then, use a hyaluronic acid serum and see the magic. It can prevent wrinkles from appearing and smooth out those fine lines on your skin.

5. Gives you a younger look

Hyaluronic acid enhances your summer beauty regimen by making you look youthful. It may be impossible to turn the tide, but hyaluronic acid is such a magical ingredient that makes it possible.

 You require a lot of quality products to prevent skin damage and dullness during the summer months. Derma Roller System Skin Care is where you learn about best products like hyaluronic acid and vitamin c, which help you look younger as you age.